Welcome to joelmalone.com.au

I am a software engineer from Bridgetown, Western Australia.

This website contains experiments and articles about programming.

The source code for the entire website is available at github.com/joelmalone/joelmalone.github.io.

Interactive article series: Fly a spaceship in BabylonJS

In this series of articles, we're gonna fly a spaceship! Here's a preview - click or touch the screen to fly!

Read it on Medium: Fly a spaceship in BabylonJS.

Barbara the Bee spaceship mesh by Quaternius.

Medium article: Math.atan2() gonna getcha

In Javascript (and many other languages), the parameters to the Math.atan2() method are in y, x order. But why?

Read it on Medium: Math.atan2() gonna getcha.

Photo by Imdadul Hussain.

Non-interactive demo: Chladni plates

These paterns represent the vibrational intensity of a surface forced to vibrate via sound.

Paul Bourke describes the maths behind it here, or you can watch Steve Mould (🥰) demonstrate it in real-life here.

Medium article: A quick Sqlite3 and Spatialite primer

This article will give you a brief overview of working with a spatial database in Sqlite3 using the Spatialite extension.

Read it on Medium: A quick Sqlite3 and Spatialite primer.

Photo by Mika Baumeister.

Medium article: Handy terminal commands on a Mac

Often, I learn new terminal commands, and then promptly forget them. I need some place that I can easily copy and paste them. So this is that.

Read it on Medium: Handy terminal commands on a Mac.

Photo by Matthew Henry.

Interactive demo: Meandering cubes

I experimented with physics and shadows in a 3D scene. Fling the cubes away with your finger!

Check out the cubes source code on Github!

Interactive demo: animated player character

I experimented with loading and animating a 3D mesh.

Tap on the screen to have the character walk in that general direction.

Check out the animated-player-character source code on Github!

X Bot mesh and animations from Mixamo.

Medium article: Snowpack and GitHub Pages

You use Snowpack to build your website to be hosted on GitHub Pages, but why are your dependencies returning 404?

Read it on Medium: Snowpack and GitHub Pages.

Photo by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic.