My name is Joel Malone and I’m an IT Consultant specialising in software development. I live in Fremantle, Western Australia.

On this website you will find some of my recent and outstanding projects, as well as the occasional related blog post.

You can contact me on any of these:

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Or, see what I've been up to lately, below!

  • A Procedurally Generated Universe

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  • Image of player under attack after agitating many enemies.

    Hackey: the Hackening v0.5 has been released!

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  • IDisposable Coroutines in Unity3D: Cleaning Up After Yourself

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  • Screenshot of the new Select Target interface

    Hackey: the Hackening v0.5 is Coming Soon

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  • Image showing examples of different types of glow in Hackey.

    One Game a Month Retrospective, March 2014, for “Hackey: the Hackening”

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  • Image of a graph from the Google Play console.

    Marketing and Publishing my Stupid Indie Games

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  • One Game a Month Retrospective, February 2014, for “Respawney”

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