My Games

For a short while in 2014, I participated in the One Game a Month challenge, which you can read about here.  The output of this challenge are the games you see before you!  I also documented my progress, which you can read about in the blog.

The games are short, but fun.  I urge you to try them all; you may even find something you like!

February 2014 – Respawney

Respawney is a puzzle-strategy game where you must co-operate… with yourself!  Or perhaps should that be, with yourselfs.  Hmm.  Play the game, you’ll see what I mean!

Unfortunately, Respawney is currently unavailable to play, as I can’t host it on this website!

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March 2014 – Hackey: the Hackening

Available on:  Link to the app on the Google Play store

Hackey is a strategy game where you hack your way through cyberspace, cautiously moving between “nodes” towards your target.

Hackey maintains a healthy 3.5 star average on the Google Play store and has been installed over 3000 times!

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April 2014 – Fetchey

Available on:  Download Fetchey from the Google Play store

Fetchey is an attempt to make a super-simple game that a certain 3-year-old would enjoy.  The teeny tiny players are tasked with finding an object within the scene, in a sort-of Where’s Wally style.

Unlike Hackey, which I promoted across gaming websites, Fetchey never hit the big numbers in installs, making for an excellent lesson on why you should promote your games!

In July 2015, Fetchey was reviewed by Youtube channel Jupiter_Hadley, which you can see here!

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