Hackey: the Hackening

Download Hackey from the Google Play store. Play Hackey in your browser at on Newgrounds Play Hackey In Your Browser at Kongregate

Hack your way through the network, infiltrate nodes, and use them to locate your target.

Hackey is a quick pick-up-and-play time waster. Perfect for entertaining yourself on the bus, on the train, at a funeral, during meteor showers or just hiding up a tree!

You start with a single node. Drag a node onto another node to execute the Hack Program! The hack program will infiltrate the targeted node, with tougher hacks taking longer, based on the attacking and defending nodes’ respective power.

Locate and infiltrate your target to win!

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Credits and Attribution

All code and design (c) 2014 Joel Malone

Procedural ambient music provided by “Procedural Ambience” by Cryonics Division, available on the Unity Asset Store.

“Under attack” music provided by “Casual Friday” by JimiMod, via freesound.org.

Beeps and boops provided by “9 sound effects” from OpenGameArt, attributed to “Michel”, with only this link to go on.  Thanks Michel, whoever you are!

Techy font provided by “Control Freak” by Apostrophic Labs, via 1001freefonts.com.

Unity Plugins Used

Vectrosity for the vector lines – an excellent package.  Distributed as a DLL, making it fit perfectly into my project setup.  Eleventy-billion stars!

Input.Touches for the touch controls.  The code is a mess but it gets the job done!

Analytics courtesy of GameAnalytics.  Very easy to set up and integrate.

NGUI used to handle the UI.

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