My Portfolio

Here are some recent or outstanding projects that I have worked on.

Mappt – Mobile GIS Solution for Android

Screenshot of Mappt - Mobile GIS for Android

My role: product manager, architect, developer.
Platform: Android native, Google Maps.

From the Google Play listing, “Mappt is a revolutionary mobile GIS solution that changes how spatial information is used, edited, stored and shared through mobile computing devices.”

Mappt was developed out of a need for a mobile GIS solution with a low-cost and low barrier to entry.  Mappt is used by several Enterprise-level companies in the Mining and Environmental sectors, among others.

Screenshot of Mappt - Mobile GIS for Android

Developed using native Java, and making use of Google Maps technology, Mappt runs on Android tablets  allowing users to view, create, edit and export Shapefile, KML and custom raster data “in the field,” fully offline and away from any Internet connectivity.

As Lead Developer, I promote high-quality development and Quality Assurance practices,  and maintain ties to the user community, gathering feedback and identifying areas of development of most value to the end users.

Mappt is available on the Google Play Store and recently celebrated 20,000 downloads.

Mappt Military – Mobile Mapping for Defence

Geotag2-1030x644My role: product manager, architect, developer.
Platform: Android native.

Mappt Military is a customised version of Mappt, compliant with the regulations and requirements for publishing software on the GEOINT App Store.

Achieving compliance involved a year-long process of security checks for the development team at Takor, as well as rigorous analysis of the app and it’s source code.

Mappt Military is now available to U.S. military personnel on the GEOINT App Store.

Kojai – Social Media App for iOS and Android

My role: architect and developer for back-end services.
Platforms: ASP.Net Core, Azure, Azure Analytics.

Kojai lets you search and stumble upon places from all around the world by showing you the posts taken in large areas or specific spots you have chosen to follow.

I developed the Kojai Backend web service on ASP.Net Core, liaising with the front-end app teams for requirements and collaborating on the API.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, the Kojai backend has the following features:


Integration with Application Insights, used for performance and stability monitoring, as well as providing insights into daily operation.

Integration with Nexmo messaging services, permitting secure SMS authentication in the apps.

Integration with OAuth2, providing the apps with a secure and robust authentication and authorisation method.

Full data logging; nothing gets deleted!  This allows detailed forensic analysis of a user’s movements through the app to assist with debugging and stability checks, as well as providing a footprint for unlawful users.

2017-06-27 20_12_30-TelegramInstantaneous content reporting and notification system, ensuring unwanted user content is removed immediately; staff are notified in real-time, ensuring false positives are reviewed and reinstated within minutes.

Integration with Telegram, providing real-time notifications to staff of items needing attention, and coordinating works in progress.

Automated image content analysis; images are inspected using Computer Vision, automatically tagging the images with content metadata as well as identifying potential adult content.

Kojai is available on the App Store and Google Play.

2017-06-27 20_18_50-Kojai_ A social discovery app - Android Apps on Google Play

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